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The mobile games industry gathered 35 thousand visitors, industry representatives and press at the biggest mobile content event – The Eurogamer Expo 2011 held on September 22nd. The next mobile expo has been approved to be held in London in late September as well.

The mobile content even Eurogamer Expo 2011 has been acknowledged as a huge success by industry representatives as well as the expo organizers.

“We have received most positive feedback from the gamers community and the mobile games industry. The expo is growing exponentially, but the most positive thing about the event is the cheering atmosphere. We’re already gathering projects for the next year’s show and looking forward much to it”.

Mobile gamers from across the Europe gathered to the show savoring the details of the new details in such mobile games as Skyrim, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, as much as the worldwide startup of OnLive which promised the public distribution of microconsoles to the audience for free.

The DCI group (Digital Convergence Initiative) released the details of the new mobile content festival aimed at researching the nowadays impact of mobile devices on human culture, lifestyle and mentality, as well as exploring the field of development of mobile applications, mobile games, mobile personalization features, and more.

The festival also is aimed to research the restrictions and essential features that impact the very process of creating and developing apps for mobile, given the ever increasing role of mobile phones as means of entertainment, education and communication. The festival dwells on three main subjects: mobile applications, mobile games and films for mobile devices.

The DCI has opened the period developers can submit their requests for participation on the free mobile application festival. You can find terms and conditions of participation on their official site.

Contestant in each category – free software for mobiles, mobile games and films - will be reviewed and estimated on a separate basis for each...

M:Metrics, the leading company in mobile market research, published the results of its recent survey on mobile content consumption. The survey shows a pattern for several age categories consuming free mobile applications, entertainment and mobile games.

The 13 to 24-year olds turn out to be the group most likely to use free mobile applications. However, the 70 % of mobile apps consumers still remain the 25 year olds and older. This group is more likely to pay for mobile content. So, mobile apps providers shouldn’t ignore either of the categories.

In the sphere of mobile games, adult categories grasp the 62% of consumers of mobile games and applications in UK and Germany. However, this age category doesn’t download free mobile apps as often as the youngsters.

To compare the scales, five percent of Germans youngsters download one mobile application or a game, and eight percent of British teens download mobile application per month. The results prove that on British and German mobile content market, the age categories of 18 to 24 consume the 25 percent of the mobile applications and games available on the mobile market.

Throughout the Europe, men are more likely to download free mobile software, as compared to women. Although numbers are different when it comes to mobile phone personalization. Women tend to download free mobile ringtones more, as well as free mobile themes and wallpapaers, and ringback tones. Both in UK and Germany women comprise more than 53 percent of mobile themes, wallpapers and ringtones consumers.

The 25-year old and older are the paying group, whereas the 13 to 17s are the ones to download free software for mobile phones. It’s a group that clearly leads the market of mobile content.

Concrete, one of the leading mobile content developers on the market, has launched a new addition in its mobile game collection – a free mobile game named 3D Constructo Combat.

The free mobile game uses 3D uniting it with Bluetooth technologies. Players now can fight with each other or with computer choosing among ten 3D backgrounds.

Gamers face the challenge of building structures , while destroying their competitor’s building with a set of weapons. The player who erects the most of the tallest buildings is the winner.

Constructo Combat mobile download is compatible with most of Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson handsets. You can find this free mobile download available at

”Dog Fighting “the free mobile game developed for Android telephones has caused a great wave of social response. While someone discussed the ethical downside of the mobile game, “green” hackers solved the issue their own way.
The American hackers developed a virus that strikes the phones that downloaded the free mobile game. The virus is recognized as a new version of the free mobile game, and once downloaded it sends all the contacts in the address book a text message containing “I really enjoy torturing animals!”
Besides, the virus signs up the mobile devices for the text messages from the eco company PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals).
However, there’s no solid ground to prove that the PETA staff created the virus. It seems more like the hackers tried to conceal their identities, or simply used the famous brand to magnify the scale of their protest.
PETA representative has commented on the situation: “We have no idea who did this, but we are grateful to the virus developers. Mobile games that propagate violence against animals are amoral and our society has to be aware of that”.
We, at mobilclub, work to provide you with the best of the games mobile industry has to offer. The free mobile downloads we offer are full of positive, intelligent and entertaining content, protected from any sort of unethical elements. It’s safe for you and your children. Come and download for free latest mobile games.

[Opera Turbo browser compresses bandwidth consumption and processes data being sent to a mobile phone or PC by up to 80 percent reducing network traffic and saving on data transmissions.]Oslo, Norway -- Just when you thought browsing couldn’t get any faster, Opera unveils its latest innovation for better browsing, Opera Turbo. This all-new, turbo-charged way to surf will make its exclusive appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 16-19, 2009. To be available for business customers on Opera Desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Devices SDK, Opera Turbo compresses bandwidth consumption. By processing data being sent to a mobile phone or a PC by up to 80 percent, operators will be able to reduce network traffic and save on data transmissions. This helps to extend the longevity of their mobile network investments. For device manufacturers, Opera Turbo provides a faster browsing application that can leverage device capabilities and utilize hardware resources more effectively. By leveraging Opera Turbo, operators and OEMs can provide a faster browsing experience to their end-users, independent of network constraints or hardware limitations. Opera Turbo offers full support for dynamic Web technologies such as Ajax and Flash. Due to Opera Turbo’s advanced compression technology, even devices with limited hardware capabilities show improved page download rates and better overall performance. By leveraging its experience with server-side optimization solutions such as Opera Mini, Opera Software is extending optimization to encompass other Opera browser products. Moreover, Opera Turbo is able to reduce the size of the transferred page without transcoding the page. Opera Turbo supports Opera's belief in “One Web”, providing equal access to the Internet regardless of the device or network quality. Opera has focused on a way to improve performance and the overall speed of its browser under any condition, whether surfing from a limited mobile phone in a remote location or with an early model desktop computer on a dial-up modem. To Opera, One Web means being able to take the one true Web and make it available to people on their own terms. Opera believes that circumstances should not dictate how its browser performs, and Opera Turbo is a way to ensure the best browsing possible anytime, anywhere. "We are living in a time and place where access to the Web should be a universal right to all. Technology has advanced us to the point that we can very nearly access the Internet anytime and anywhere from a growing number of devices,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “As part of Opera's commitment to provide the best experience on any device, Opera has developed the Opera Turbo solution. The Mobile World Congress serves as a forum for us to educate others on the wonders of Web technology." See it to believe it at Opera’s Mobile World Congress exhibit (Hall 2, Stand 2B77). Mobile World Congress participants will also have the ability to experience Opera on a variety of devices: Opera Mobile on smartphones such as HTC HD, Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson Xperia, free downloads of Opera Mini, improved Web browsing on gaming consoles and the ARCHOS Generation 5 Media players will be just a few of the exciting features of Opera's 2009 exhibit. 211d

[LiMo announces on-time completion of R2 technology contributions that support features such as advanced multimedia, location-based services, device management and enhanced security.]London & Tokyo -- LiMo FoundationTM, a global consortium of mobile leaders delivering an open handset platform for the whole industry, today announced that all technologies specified for the R2 release of the LiMo PlatformTM have been contributed on time and that LiMo members are introducing reference implementations that will further ease the deployment of sophisticated and differentiated LiMo devices.“The on-time completion of R2 technology contributions and the introduction of reference implementations demonstrate the deep collaboration amongst mobile industry leaders within the LiMo ecosystem. Cooperation of this nature is unprecedented within the mobile industry and is fostered by LiMo’s unique governance frameworks which promote balanced contributions and influence over the LiMo Platform,” said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation. “The LiMo Reference Implementations will reduce time to market for LiMo devices while providing ample scope for deep customisation at the user interface and application layers.”The LiMo Reference Implementations will include code specified within both LiMo Platform R1 and LiMo Platform R2. This code includes source code contributions from members as well as components originating from open source communities. LiMo Reference Implementation contributors include ACCESS CO., LTD., Azingo, LG Electronics, Purple Labs and Samsung Electronics.The latest technologies in the LiMo Platform include support for features such as advanced multimedia, location-based services, device management and enhanced security. The latest documentation on the LiMo Platform as well as other technical resources can be found on LiMo’s website at"ACCESS is fully committed to LiMo's vision of a collaboratively developed middleware platform and we were pleased to make a very significant code contribution to help ensure that LiMo meets this goal in a rapid manner," said Dr. Tomihisa Kamada, president and co-CEO of ACCESS CO., LTD. "The LiMo Reference Implementations coupled with new technologies contributed in the R2 Platform will usher in a variety of highly compelling mobile devices and applications.“Azingo is pleased to contribute mobile Internet technologies to the LiMo Platform to help accelerate the delivery of advanced Web 2.0 experiences,” said Mahesh Veerina, CEO, Azingo. "Azingo is committed to actively participate and work with other members to realize LiMo’s core mission.”“LiMo is driving convergence and preventing fragmentation by enabling managed collaboration to take place under the security of LiMo’s IP safe harbor and related governance constructs,” said Alice Ryu, vice president, LG Electronics. “LG is pleased to have been alongside other LiMo members to implement reference implementations that will bring tangible benefit to all LiMo members and the broader mobile community.”“Samsung is pleased to work within the growing LiMo community to collectively create a reference implementation that can be used by all companies in the mobile industry that are keen to create and distribute a LiMo-based mobile device,” said SP Yoon, vice president, Software Center, Samsung Electronics. “For the true promise of Mobile Linux to be realized, companies must work together to create a common set of technologies that can be equitably implemented across an array of devices, while still leaving room for a differentiated user experience.”Launched in January 2007, the LiMo Foundation is open to all vendors and service providers in the mobile communications marketplace, including device manufacturers, operators, chipset manufacturers, independent software vendors, integrators and third-party developers.The latest LiMo Platform technologies are being showcased in handsets and toolkits at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 16-19, 2009 in booth B135, Hall 8 and booth A125, Hall 8. 202a

[The MOTO W233 Renew offers a plastic phone housing made of recycled water bottles and is entirely recyclable.]Bellevue, WA -- T-Mobile USA, Inc., and Motorola today announced the retail availability of the MOTO W233 Renew, the ideal mobile phone for eco-conscious consumers.

[Virgin Mobile USA to donate $5 from the purchase of each limited edition LG Pink Flare to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer organization.]Warren, NJ -- Virgin Mobile USA (NYSE: VM - News) announced today that it is joining the fight against breast cancer with the launch of the LG Pink Flare limited edition handset, available exclusively at Best Buy stores nationwide.Five dollars from the purchase of every Pink Flare handset, each priced at $29.99, will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world's largest breast cancer organization, funding life-saving breast cancer research and community health programs. Virgin Mobile USA is committing to donate a minimum of $150,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure's programs."We couldn't be more excited to bring this partnership to our customers by offering such a great way for them to get involved in this important cause," said Joel Silverman, Vice President of Sales, Virgin Mobile USA. "It's our experience that Virgin Mobile USA customers look to actively support causes that they care about and this partnership with Best Buy and LG provides a new, visible opportunity for them to do so.""Susan G. Komen for the Cure's partnership with Virgin Mobile USA and Best Buy offers consumers a visible and effective way to support our mission to end breast cancer forever," said Katrina McGhee, vice president of marketing at Komen for the Cure. "The electric-pink phone enables consumers to make their support known and encourages them to use their voice in the breast cancer movement."In 2008, an estimated 180,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed in women and more than 40,000 women died from breast cancer in the United States."These numbers are unacceptable," said McGhee. "We have come a long way in the breast cancer movement, but there is still more work to be done. With the help of Best Buy and Virgin Mobile USA, we are moving closer to our vision of a world without breast cancer." 2123

[A new report from Strategy Analytics states US cellular growth will remain strong despite the economic situation.]Boston -- The Strategy Analytics Wireless Network Strategies service report, “US Wireless Market Outlook: 2009 Key Trends,” predicts that US cellular subscriber growth will remain strong despite the economic situation, although growth levels will scale back slightly from 2008. US cellular service revenues will also continue to grow, albeit at a slower growth rate of 3.9%, down from 7.5% in 2008.Strong data ARPUs (average revenue per user), driven by flat-rate data plans and increasing adoption of smartphones and mobile broadband datacards, will not be enough to keep total ARPUs from dropping minimally in 2009.In the current economic climate carriers must address tightening consumer wallets. “Rather than just pushing prepaid as the perfect recession-proof tariff, carriers will work to make postpaid plans more attractive to budget-conscious customers who are re-examining their cellular spend,” explains Phil Kendall, Director of the Strategy Analytics Wireless Network Strategies service.Strategy Analytics predicts more positioning for value rather than straight out price competition. “All-you-can-eat operators MetroPCS and Leap Wireless should fare well and present a challenge, especially to T-Mobile USA. Strategy Analytics expects that Sprint will continue to struggle,” predicts Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics and author of the report. “The year 2009 will see heightened competition between AT&T Mobility and the new number one, Verizon Wireless—fresh from its acquisition of Alltel. These two will jockey for technology leadership on Long-Term Evolution (LTE), push wireless connectivity in consumer electronics devices and increasingly represent a larger share of total subscribers and service revenues.” 2125

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