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M:Metrics, the leading company in mobile market research, published the results of its recent survey on mobile content consumption. The survey shows a pattern for several age categories consuming free mobile applications, entertainment and mobile games.

The 13 to 24-year olds turn out to be the group most likely to use free mobile applications. However, the 70 % of mobile apps consumers still remain the 25 year olds and older. This group is more likely to pay for mobile content. So, mobile apps providers shouldn’t ignore either of the categories.

In the sphere of mobile games, adult categories grasp the 62% of consumers of mobile games and applications in UK and Germany. However, this age category doesn’t download free mobile apps as often as the youngsters.

To compare the scales, five percent of Germans youngsters download one mobile application or a game, and eight percent of British teens download mobile application per month. The results prove that on British and German mobile content market, the age categories of 18 to 24 consume the 25 percent of the mobile applications and games available on the mobile market.

Throughout the Europe, men are more likely to download free mobile software, as compared to women. Although numbers are different when it comes to mobile phone personalization. Women tend to download free mobile ringtones more, as well as free mobile themes and wallpapaers, and ringback tones. Both in UK and Germany women comprise more than 53 percent of mobile themes, wallpapers and ringtones consumers.

The 25-year old and older are the paying group, whereas the 13 to 17s are the ones to download free software for mobile phones. It’s a group that clearly leads the market of mobile content.

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