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The mobile games industry gathered 35 thousand visitors, industry representatives and press at the biggest mobile content event – The Eurogamer Expo 2011 held on September 22nd. The next mobile expo has been approved to be held in London in late September as well.

The mobile content even Eurogamer Expo 2011 has been acknowledged as a huge success by industry representatives as well as the expo organizers.

“We have received most positive feedback from the gamers community and the mobile games industry. The expo is growing exponentially, but the most positive thing about the event is the cheering atmosphere. We’re already gathering projects for the next year’s show and looking forward much to it”.

Mobile gamers from across the Europe gathered to the show savoring the details of the new details in such mobile games as Skyrim, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, as much as the worldwide startup of OnLive which promised the public distribution of microconsoles to the audience for free.
The id Software, Naughty Dog and Dice were presented at the expo, also panels, recruiters and BAFTA sessions in the TIGA and UKIE.
BioWare chiefs came as a surprise with their announcement of the long awaited Star Wars Old Republic startup which is believed to be the most expensive mobile game ever.
NCsoft with their Guild Wars 2 was named the choice of the year by the Eurogamer Expo editorial.

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