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The DCI group (Digital Convergence Initiative) released the details of the new mobile content festival aimed at researching the nowadays impact of mobile devices on human culture, lifestyle and mentality, as well as exploring the field of development of mobile applications, mobile games, mobile personalization features, and more.

The festival also is aimed to research the restrictions and essential features that impact the very process of creating and developing apps for mobile, given the ever increasing role of mobile phones as means of entertainment, education and communication. The festival dwells on three main subjects: mobile applications, mobile games and films for mobile devices.

The DCI has opened the period developers can submit their requests for participation on the free mobile application festival. You can find terms and conditions of participation on their official site.

Contestant in each category – free software for mobiles, mobile games and films - will be reviewed and estimated on a separate basis for each. The prize fund is essential with Dell Axim X51 Handheld, Sony PSP and video iPod among other things. The winners and special entries that have shown the potential will be demonstrated during the festival which is to be held in Texas.

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